Jim Davidson: Uncovered and Uncensored

In this live show from Great Yarmouth, the cheeky, chirpy, cockney comic gets the perfect arena to ply his saucy humour and showcase the kind of material that would undoubtedly be frowned upon in his usual light-entertainment arena. So, with any concerns about political correctness duly thrown aside, Davidson plies his earthy observations about life, devoting a lot of his performance to the ever-easy target of sex, but touching the odd area of topicality, such as Lord Archer's incarceration. Like so many of his ilk, Davidson is hardly a paragon of wit and sophistication, but the enjoyment of his blunt gags comes from a cheeky persona that is hard to dislike. If you've had your fill of sanitised comedy, hipper-than-thou irony and smug satire, then Davidson will see you right with his brand of nudge-and-wink humour.
Rent: £3.99

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