For The Love Of A Woman: The Caister Lifeboat Story

The heroic and independent Caister Lifeboat crew, who volunteer to save lives at sea and on the east coast of Norfolk and beyond, are in need of a new vessel to continue their incredible work. And it is the mission of ex-Coxswain, Dick Thurlow, and his family, to raise the most money towards the new lifeboat so it can be named after his beloved late wife, Annette. Annette had been desperate to donate her organs in death to save others but complications meant medical professionals were unable to fulfil her dying wish. Her loved ones hope that by naming the boat after her, her legacy will live on and she’ll be able to save lives in another way. Dick and his friend, John Cannell, have spent months touring with comedian Jim Davidson to help raise funds for the cause. This documentary takes us to the Isle Of Wight to see the new boat under construction, and then on to Great Yarmouth to show behind-the-scenes footage of the charity gala concert which was held in April 2023 to boost the fund.