Bushell On The Box - Episode 8

TV critic Garry Bushell takes a deep dive into Dragons’ Den – including its latest controversy involving an entrepreneur flogging ear seeds that apparently cure the symptoms of ME with not one of the millionaire investors asking for medical proof of its success. He says the show is all geared around bigging up “dippy, hippy, pseudoscience” which means all serious business considerations then go out of the window, while he lists the top five multi-million-pound business ideas the dragons have missed out on over the years, including the Trunki ride-on suitcase, Tangle Teezer and Cup-O-Wine. In the latest episode of Bushell On The Box, he also interviews Karen Simpson, who has appeared on numerous TV shows, including Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook, Come Dine With Me and Change Your Tune, while an episode of This Morning was recorded from her home.