After Ofcom found Laurence Fox’s comments on GB News (he said he wouldn’t “sh*g” a female commentator) had breached its broadcasting rules, Jim Davidson says: “Do they just make this up as they go along?” He questions why Jo Brand joking about throwing acid over Nigel Farage on the BBC, Sophie Duker joking about killing white people on the BBC and Miriam Margolyes saying she wanted Boris Johnson to die on Channel 4 didn’t get the same treatment. Answers on a postcard. In the latest episode of This Week, he also blasts the Church of England’s ridiculous plans to pay £1bn in reparations to “atone for its historical links to slavery”. George Galloway getting sworn into Parliament, a man being jailed for printing off stickers, two-tier policing, Celebrity Big Brother and a girls’ football league facing being shut down for refusing to allow a boy to play also get a mention.