As Tory rebels threaten Rishi Sunak’s Rwanda legislation because they believe it needs toughening up, Jim Davidson says: “They need to get a grip on this. These immigrants broke the law by coming here so bang them up…don’t put them on a barge to have a nice time on the south coast.” In the latest episode of This Week, he also talks about Sadiq Khan wasting millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money on woke schemes - including £10m to “determine the colour of Met Police officers’ personalities”, £70k for a drag act called Duckie Loves Fanny, £30k on bicycle ballet to explore “female liberation”, and £50k of free advertising for a vaginal moisturiser company. Joey Barton in hot water over his comments on female football pundits, Prince Harry allegedly upsetting the Queen with his daughter’s name, and the Royal Academy putting trigger warnings on Turner artwork also get a mention.