After Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer announced his “nanny state” proposals to include a ban on junk food ads before 9pm and supervised teeth brushing in schools, Jim Davidson says: “We don’t need a Government to micro-manage every aspect of our lives. We’ve already got too many people who can’t wipe their own a**e.” In the latest episode of This Week, he also questions why Starmer wasn’t as hot on the issue of innocent post-masters being prosecuted in the UK while he was head of the CPS as he was at getting violent criminals off the hook overseas. And he says the latest Labour-run council going broke – this time Middlesborough – gives us a glimpse into what state the country’s finances would be in if the party wins the next General Election…“and that’s before we get to the fact they have no clue how to solve the immigration crisis and half of them still think a woman can have a c**k!”