Jim Davidson says you don’t have to be a fan of Tommy Robinson to find it concerning that 20 police officers can pepper spray him, drag him off the street and hold him in custody for the “crime” of wanting to be present during a public march. He questions the double standard of policing after the right-wing Robinson was arrested - and subsequently charged - during London’s genuinely peaceful demonstration against antisemitism, which was attended by more than 60,000 people and London’s former Mayor Boris Johnson…but not the current one, Sadiq Khan. He asks why they weren’t so quick to arrest those calling for jihad, throwing smoke bombs and clambering over monuments during the pro-Palestinian protests. Answers on a postcard… In the latest episode of This Week, Jim also talks about ITV allegedly cutting Nigel Farage’s air time in I’m A Celebrity…and the ridiculous story of a 10-year-old Kansas City Chiefs fan being criticised by a race-baiting sports journalist for painting his face red and black in support of his team. What the hell is this world coming to?