Garry Bushell's Blue Christmas

After the huge success of Bushell on the Box, which ran for 50 weeks on ITV and was number one on the night network, Garry Bushell decided to create Bushell’s Blue Xmas to feature more of the sketches he had written on the late-night show, and also give a platform for many of the great blue-collar stand-up comedians who had been excluded from television because of TV executives’ lunatic addiction to unfunny students. These included the great Micky Pugh - one of his all-time favourite cockney comics - and the late Al ‘Jacko’ Benson. For the sketches, he was ably assisted by Melinda Messenger, Dee Ivens, Fleur Golding from Man O Man and more. The show’s creator added: “These brave women subjected themselves to scripts which even I would now find ever so slightly questionable, but hey-ho, what a laugh we had!”
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