Jim Davidson thinks our local politicians should stop putting out their opinions on Israel/Hamas and instead concentrate on sorting the bin collections, which is what they are elected to do! It comes after Green Party councillor Mothin Ali described his victory in the Leeds local elections as a “win for the people of Gaza” and politicians, including London Mayor Sadiq Khan, demanded a ceasefire. In the latest episode of This Week, he also discusses the latest in Britain bashing with taxpayers to fund an expert to “decolonise” parts of Hadrian’s Wall (WTF?!); a burglar who stole steak and prosecco being jailed after a private prosecution because police refused to investigate the crime; the Ministry of Defence being hacked in a cyber attack and gender-neutral loos being scrapped (Finally, some common sense!). He also pays tribute to our Falklands heroes following the anniversary of the sinking of HMS Sheffield.